Discover the Inspiration behind the Ecoura brand

Giving back to Nature and the preservation of the planet is what inspired our company to launch Ecoura, a new eco- friendly brand of diamond bridal jewelry.

The road to Ecoura is artfully paved with enchanting beauty coupled with a desire to make a difference. Our dream is to ensure that our planet remains healthy for future generations to come so our children may enjoy the same luxuries that we do today.

This is our Inspiration.

Discover the Natural Influences that Drive our Desires

Our desires are inspired directly from our natural surroundings. Our experienced team of designers looks outside to gather ideas on how to take nature’s magnificent forms and turn them into timeless bridal designs. Organic shapes take new forms by reusing gold that has already been mined to prevent damage to our environment.

With state-of-art manufacturing facilities and cutting edge technology, we thrive on offering high quality products that set the standard for excellence. We can create beautiful diamond designs responsibly sourced while helping to minimize the impact on our world.

This is our Natural Desire.
Discover the Infinite Beauty with our Ecoura Bridal Collections
All Ecoura Collections are crafted from renewed gold that is more harmonious with nature as we avoid the usage of newly mined gold and support Renewed Sources. Our Ecoura Jasmine, Lily, and Love’s Halo are just a few of our exquisite bridal collections that offer classic, vintage and contemporary styles using a variety of artfully crafted techniques.

As part of our Green Initiatives, we commit to planting a tree in honor of every couple that becomes engaged with an Ecoura bridal ring. So while wearing your ring, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have taken a progressive step towards the betterment of the world. Love and nature go hand in hand.

This is Infinite Beauty.

Discover the Ecoura Promises

Our Ecoura Promises we take to heart.
Your experience means everything to us.

 We promise your Ecoura jewelry is created with renewed gold having an identical look and feel of newly mined gold. ( Add link to renewed gold)

 We promise to plant a tree for your choice of an Ecoura engagement ring that bears our special trademark stamp. ( Shawn to add link to tree planting)

 We promise to support the Ecoura brand by using eco-friendly materials in many facets of our marketing.

 We promise a lifetime commitment to the Ecoura brand and making the world a greener place.

 We promise that your Ecoura jewelry is made to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

 We promise that all Ecoura partners commit to the standards of the Renewed Gold Pact.

 We promise that your Ecoura jewelry is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.
 For learn more about the Ecoura Promises, please click here to follow this link.

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