Eco-friendly Honeymoons in Mexico

Mexico is a country that has attracted mass tourism in recent years, yet even with all the large scale luxury resorts there is a growing eco-tourism sector here and many of the larger hotels and resorts are now making the switch to greener practices. This makes it the ideal destination for those who want an eco-friendly honeymoon! Take a look at these luxury resorts where you can enjoy all the finest features of modern hotels, but without worrying about the damage being done to the planet.

Xinalani Retreat

Head over to Puerto Vallarta to Banderas Bay. The Xinalani Retreat is a tranquil resort that has both a jungle and ocean backdrop for you to enjoy. It is only a small hotel but the accommodation is luxurious. Here you can take part in wellness retreats and group workshops as well as enjoying all the luxury features of the resort.

Escudo Jaguar Hotel

This hotel can be found in the Usamacinta River in Frontera Corozal. This is a resort that has camping areas as well as standard hotel rooms. The Choles native people run the resort and have taken good care of the land around the resort. The food served here is based on locally-grown produce and there are plenty of activities that are available to guests.

Xaloc Resort

The luxury bungalows at the resort have been constructed using eco-friendly methods and materials. Guests will notice that all the small green details have been covered. Again, a wide range of activities are available at the resort as well as local attractions such as craft workshops. Explore the local area and mingle with the local people to get a feel for the traditional side of life here.

Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxin Spa

Consider a trip to Chicen Itza where you can enjoy luxury accommodation but be close to the various Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula. The spa offers a range of holistic treatments that take their inspiration from the Mayan culture. There are a number of ecotourist activities in the region and the hotel can arrange for you to take part.

Puerta Calakmul Ecovillage

This is the perfect resort if you want to spend a little time exploring the jungle. The hotel has a high standard of accommodation as well as a range of amenities for guests to enjoy. Staff can arrange for you to go on trips to see the local ruins and other attractions in the area.

The hotels have employed a wide range of eco-friendly measures in order to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes alternative methods of energy production such as solar power and wind turbines as well as strong recycling policies and water saving measures. Using local produce not only cuts down on a carbon footprint but also supports the local communities. Why not consider one of these resorts for your eco-friendly honeymoon?


Eco-friendly Wedding Venues in Oregon

The beautiful state of Oregon is home to many amazing venues that you could consider for your special day but are they eco-friendly? The good news is that there are plenty of venues that take their commitment to green issues seriously. Why not consider one of these for your wedding?

Village Green Resort

If you want to create an outdoor theme for your wedding then a good place to start might be the Village Green Resort. This Cottage Grove hotel is perfect for those who have a large family and who want to bring along the pets too! With standard hotel features such as Wi-Fi, swimming pools and a spa, you could arrange to have your wedding as part of the 14 acres of spectacular gardens.

Tipi Village Retreat

Head over to the Mohawk Valley near Eugene, this is perfect for those who want a wedding with a difference. You can have your wedding here and stay in one of the tipis, a cabin or studio. The tipis come complete with stone floors, comfortable beds and plenty of blankets to fend off the cold of the evening. It is the perfect place to get back to nature and facilities include shared bathrooms, organic locally-produced foods and excursions to explore the local area. It is the ideal place for a rustic wedding without all the modern trappings that can send your carbon footprint soaring.

Hornings Hideout

For a large wedding, Hornings Hideout at North Plains could be just what you need. With the ability to accommodate more than 500 guests, you could have the prefect outdoor wedding to make the most of the beautiful surroundings. The venue can arrange aspects of your day such as the catering or you can organize your own. For a rustic wedding this is a great option and the venue has put a number of sustainable practices into place to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.


Located right in the heart of the city of Portland, you can have a rooftop wedding that will not compromise your eco-friendly principles. The rooftop terrace of the Ecotrust building is perfect for both the ceremony and the reception and the venue only uses sustainable caterers to provide the perfect feast for the day. The streetcar in the city goes right to the front door of the buildings so guests can help to bring down the carbon footprint of the day by opting for public transport. The building dates back to the 19th century and when it was renovated to become the home of Ecotrust 98% of the original materials were reused.

Your wedding does not have to make a huge impact on the environment and with the help of venues like these you can keep the impact to a minimum. Talk to the event planners at the venues to find out just how easy your big day is to arrange!