Eco-friendly Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

When you are planning your eco-friendly wedding, Las Vegas is probably not the most obvious destination.  Usually associated with bright lights and glitz, this city does have its fair share of venues that are taking a keen interest in the environment and which can help you to have the day of your dreams without denting the ozone layer any further.

Chapel of the Flowers

At the Chapel of the Flowers the team works hard to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.  One change has been to purchase flowers for the venue in small quantities and in accordance with the requirements of each couple. As much as possible for the venue is purchased locally and when items need to be delivered to other locations a fuel-efficient van is used. There are several outdoor wedding locations to choose from at the venue so you can make the most of the natural beauty of the surroundings and of course, the natural light.  The venue has its own photographers and instead of printing out all the photos you can simply go online to view the images to choose which ones you want to have printed. Planning your day can all be done via the website and email if you prefer so you can keep your own carbon footprint low.

Aria at CityCenter

aria wedding las vegasThis venue is one of the largest hotels to achieve the LEED Gold certification. Eco-friendly features here include a natural gas plant to generate both energy and heat and it also keeps emissions to a minimum.  There are water saving and recycling programs and all cars at the venue are gas-powered. The hotel uses low-watt lighting to keep energy usage down and also has a number of features designed to reflect the sun so that the cost of cooling the building is much lower.

Springs Preserve

This venue is also LEED Certified and is home to an ecological café and catering service.  Those who come here can not only enjoy a greener wedding day but can also learn more about desert life.  Food produced for events here all comes from local suppliers who offer fresh and organic produce.  The carpets are recycled, the building has straw bale insulation and there are cooling towers attached to the hotel.  There are also facilities to produce solar power and wind power and there are a number of recycling initiatives.

Choosing Las Vegas for your big day does not mean that you have to buy into the ostentatious image of the city where there are cars galore and energy consumption is at an all-time high.  All you have to do is a little research and you could find that you have a venue that can do everything you want for the environment and still give you the glamorous day to remember.



What makes a wedding dress eco-friendly?

If you are planning the perfect eco-friendly wedding day then one of the main things you have to ensure is that your wedding dress is eco-friendly.  We all know just how important the dress is.  After all, you are the bride and it is only right that all eyes are on you as you walk up the aisle.  You should never worry that going green means that you have to compromise on impact at all.


It is well-known that for many retailers it is far cheaper to have garments made in far-flung parts of the world and export them in than it is to have them made locally.  However, there are dress-makers in every town and city that can easily help you to create your dream dress without the need for counting the air-miles.


Eco-friendly fabric requirements vary.  You could choose fabric that is manufactured locally, although in most areas this is very hard to come by.  You could also choose fabric that is made organically, so you are reducing the damage that is done by pesticides and other chemicals.  You could opt for recycled fabric so that you are not adding to the planet’s problems and you are using something that you can find locally.


You might be able to find just what you need in a vintage store.  Using a dress that has previously belonged to someone else is not something that you should dismiss.  Vintage style is very popular at the moment and there are some exquisitely-made dresses from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s that will be able to help you to make an impact on your big day.  One of the saddest things about weddings in general is that most of the beautiful gowns that are bought will never be used again – but you could change that!

Unique style

It is tempting to buy off the peg sometimes as this can save a great deal of money but remember that these are dresses that are mass-produced. It can be much more eco-friendly to look for something unique.  Talk to a local dress maker about creating an individual dress, taking into account all the points mentioned above.  Organic silk or recycled fabric can be used to create a beautiful dress that is unique to you.  It is much harder to get an individual look if you go to one of the mainstream stores for your gown.

Before you hit the shops to find your perfect dress, have a look online to find out what eco-friendly options are available in your area. Consider the type of dress that you want and see if you can find a similar style in a vintage store. If you are clear in your mind about the type of dress that you want it can be much easier to work out how to find it!