Have an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon in Mexico

No matter where you want to go for your honeymoon, there are eco-friendly hotels and resorts just waiting for you!  Mexico is no different, consider one of these for your honeymoon.

Xinalani Retreat

rlWgMKEuMTS0LFV6rlWmnKcyVwc7VaqcMUEbVwb0ZmNfVzuynJqbqPV6ZwDjsK0fVaOuqTtvBvWcoJSaMKZipUWiMUIwqP9jpz9jMKW0nJImYmHkZmLip3WwYGplZwN2YGR0ZGH4ZGt4AmxhnaOaVvjvqzIlp2yiovV6VvW9If you want to head over to Banderas Bay you could spend some time at the Xinalani Retreat.  This is a tranquil and luxurious resort with the ocean on one side and a jungle on the other.  This small hotel brings you close to nature and offers a range of workshops and wellness retreats. You also get to avoid the hustle and bustle of the main tourist destinations in the region, so peace and tranquillity are yours for the taking.

Escudo Jaguar Hotel

The Escudo Jaguar Hotel can be found in the state of Chiapas, right on the Usamacinta River.  As well as the range of hotel rooms, guests can opt for camping if they prefer to be closer to nature. This resort has been designed to appeal to the ecotourist and is run by the Chole natives. The hotel’s on-site restaurant serves traditional dishes using locally-sourced produce. Activities available here include swimming, hiking and tours of local archaeological sites.

Xaloc Resort

The Xaloc Resort can be found on Holbox Island, on the edge of a white, sandy beach. The accommodation is luxury bungalows that have been designed to meet with eco-friendly standards. Guests on honeymoon here can simply relax on the beach or go swimming. Take the opportunity to pick up a few locally-made craft items to take home as souvenirs.

Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxin Spa

Hacienda-night-viewThis luxury resort can be found near Chicen Itza and is perfect for those interested in local history, thanks to its proximity to a number of Mayan archaeological sites. The spa offers a range of treatments that take their inspiration from the native cultures. There is also a wide variety of ecotourist activities on offer in the local area and the hotel’s staff will be happy to help you to book as needed.

Puerta Calakmul Ecovillage

This is a great honeymoon option for those who like their adventure holidays. The Puerta Calakul Ecovillage is located in Campeche, Mexico. It is located very close to the largest archaeological area in the region and the biosphere. There are so many amenities on site that it is so easy to relax and unwind, but there are also plenty of trips you can take part in to explore the surrounding area.

There are plenty more eco-friendly honeymoon destinations in Mexico so why not do a little research and find out more? Mexico is filled with hidden treasures and the examples mentioned here are ideal if you don’t want to compromise on luxury.  Simple measures such as recycling programs and energy efficiency measures mean that you can enjoy those luxurious touches without leaving a black mark on the planet.


Using Pinterest to Help you Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Planning a wedding is all well and good if you have plenty of ideas to begin with, but what if you really have no idea where to start?  It could be that you start out with plenty of creative thoughts but run out of steam part-way through the planning process.  So what help is out there?  Don’t worry, social media can come to your rescue!

One of the most popular social media sites is Pinterest, literally an online pinboard where you can gather your ideas together, create different boards for different topics and search for new ideas when you feel as though you need a helping hand. Check out Ecoura’s Pinterest page!

Pinterest for weddings

This modern-day scrapbook is a great place to begin and if you are used to spending a few hours at a time browsing online then you will love this site.  People create boards for different subjects then pin images and links to them so that you can browse at your leisure.  No matter how obscure you think your topic might be (1930s vintage tablecloths anyone??) somebody out there has thought of it first and started work on it.  Simply put your subject into the search and it will link you to the various boards and pinners that are already hard at work on the matter.  You can then create your own boards that are filled with ideas for your big day, by repining the images that you like.

When you are browsing on other sites online for ideas, look for the little Pinterest logo next to images and articles so that you can then pin these to your own boards.  Then later on when you are starting to narrow down your choices for the wedding you have everything in one place and will not need to go hunting for the information.

You can have as many boards as you like on Pinterest and your friends and family can see them too, making it great if you are planning your day with the help of family that are not close enough to visit all the time.

Narrow down the options

Most people will find it easy to narrow down their options because they will be able to see that there is a trend on their Pinterest boards. It could be that you have chosen to pin 100 images of wedding dresses but that the majority are of a similar style so that you can see at a glance which style of dress you would prefer.

Make sure that you follow a few of the top pinners too in order to be able to keep up to date with anything new that they post.

Remember too that browsing this way is much more eco-friendly than traveling to a lot of shops and browsing in person.  If you prefer to keep away from crowds then this is the best option for you – your bridesmaids and other friends can also keep their carbon footprint to a minimum by joining you for online discussions and planning! For wedding inspiration, check out Ecoura’s Pinterest page!