10 Romantic Ways to celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day is an important day for our planet and for Ecoura – as we have made a commitment to preserve the Earth and its resources. What better day then to get engaged when the whole world is taking a moment to think about our beautiful planet and the need to preserve and protect it.  In the event that you do find that you are engaged on Earth Day – we congratulate you. And, for those of you just feeling romantic, here are 10 wholesome ways to celebrate Earth Day.

 1.   Instead of snuggling on the couch watching television or a movie with your sweetheart, turn off the electronics and go outside for an evening walk.  Some couples agree that an evening walk is one of the best things for a relationship as you are away from the household and concerns of the day and have a moment of privacy to walk and talk.

2.   Shop at a local Farmer’s Market for special produce and freshly grown items and cook up a simple plant-based meal for a romantic dinner for two. Check out the cookbook Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi who writes a weekly food column. This book shows how diverse, easy and delicious vegetarian cooking can be.  Try it for an evening of fun, plant-based eating to celebrate Earth Day.

3.   Turn off your rechargeable gadgets in the home for one night. Unplug your phone chargers and computer plugs from the wall – this will be a night free of “vampire power” which is also known as standby power which refers to the power gadgets that waste electricity (and add to our carbon footprint) just by being plugged in.  Check your outlets for a vampire-free evening.

4.   Go for a bike ride:  Dust off your bicycle and drag it out of the basement or loft and take a ride with your partner along back roads, down to the shore, or alley ways – wherever you drive – take a bike ride instead. This is an exhilarating way to enjoy Earth Day with the one you love.

5.   Visit a green building. Find out about a truly “green” building in your community and pay a visit to it together. Buildings are responsible for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Find out how green buildings can change that and go and see for yourself what one looks like.

6.   Find out what is one of the top eco-friendly movies out there today, and plan a date night watching it.  Eco-friendly movies and eco-friendly actors are out there making an impact, so if you want to have a date and feel good about the environment check out a movie that is both entertaining and offers a solid message to go green.

7.   Choose one of Ecoura’s top ten eco-friendly hotels across the nation and have your next vacation there. Ecoura has come up with a list from Chicago to Vermont to California and Texas of where you might find the award winning eco-friendly LEEDS-certified hotel. Check out our list of the top ten eco-friendly hotels to see if there is one close to where you live.

8.   Go to a Bluegrass Festival: Bluegrass – or the more popular Americana music – fits perfectly with an earthy date. The music seems to speak to a rural and simpler time and so many bluegrass festivals are set in beautiful areas of the country. Bring a blanket and leave the electronics at home. Listen to the beautiful acoustic sounds of Americana music.

9.   Mail a love letter on recycled paper. One of the benefits of turning off your electronics on Earth Day is you might be forced to pick up a pen and compose a note to your loved one. Something that says how lucky you are or how your life feels with that special person in it. Wouldn’t it be nice in the years to come to know that you put your feelings down on paper and the note is still tucked away in your loved ones desk. Make this Earth Day the day that you sit down and write.

10.  Recycle It! Whatever you do on Earth Day, whomever you see and whatever subtle changes you make – be sure to recycle it – both literally and figuratively. Keep it going and stay aware of the fragility of the planet and all the little things we can do to make it last longer!