Green Wedding Venues in Florida!

If you want to get married in Florida and are looking for an eco-friendly option for a venue it is good to know that there are several to choose from.  Here are just a couple to give you an idea of what is out there…

Amelia Island Plantation

 Just north of Jacksonville, tAmelia Island Plantationhis resort is considered to be one of the greenest in Florida.  The resort has won a number of awards for its efforts to help the environment and it also has the added advantage of being a great place for a family vacation.  If you’re inviting people to your wedding who have children then this is a good choice.

On-site you have shopping facilities, top quality dining, sporting activities and plenty of different options for entertainment.  However, one of the top attractions here is the spa.  The range of treatments is vast and it is one of the reasons why many people who get married here stay for a couple of weeks for a honeymoon.

There are plenty of places within the resort where you can actually exchange your vows and there is a dedicated wedding department that can help you to plan the whole event.


The Palms Hotel & Spa

 palms hotel and spaThe Palms Hotel & Spa can offer you plenty of options for your wedding.  You can get married on Miami Beach or in the hotel grounds.  There are several different locations that you can use and the hotel’s planners will help to put together every aspect of the day.  You can choose one of the set wedding packages and the hotel also has a list of preferred vendors for things like flowers, photography and music.  The hotel offers special rates when you book 10 or more rooms and special rates for treatments at the spa.

The hotel has an ‘Inspired by Nature’ program that shows it is committed to helping the environment and it is now one of just 14 hotels in the Miami Beach area to be given an honorable designation from the Green Lodging Program.  This is a scheme that recognizes those hotels and other accommodation providers who have made a good effort to do something to protect the environment.  To qualify for this recognition the hotel has developed a ‘Green Team’ to help the hotel with its greener initiatives such as saving water and energy.  Every three years the hotel introduces at least two new schemes to help save the environment.

Finding the right venue can often be a difficult thing to do, especially if you are concerned about the impact that your wedding will have on the environment.  Make sure that you talk to the wedding planners at your venue to find out how they can incorporate eco-friendly options for your big day.  Maybe you can have a menu consisting of organic and locally sourced foods or have recycled items as part of your decorations – how eco-friendly you want to be is entirely up to you!

Fresh or Artificial Flowers? The Greener Option

fresh wedding flowersWhen you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding one thing you’ll have to consider is the flowers.  Do you have fresh or artificial flowers?  Which one is the greener option?

For artificial flowers it may be that you think they are greener because they can be used again.  If looked after properly they will last for years.  However, this does not necessarily make them eco-friendly.  What are they made of?  For your wedding you would want good quality silk flowers but where did that silk come from?  The vast majority of quality silk is manufactured in places like China and India so by the time it reaches you it has already racked up quite an impressive carbon footprint, and that is not even taking into consideration the manufacturing process.  The fact that they can be used time and time again is probably not enough to make them more eco-friendly than using fresh flowers.  Even if you could find silk flowers that have been made with every step of the manufacturing process carried out locally, it would still carry quite a high carbon footprint.

However, are your fresh flowers eco-friendly?  This is something that you need to consider.  If you simply go to your local florist and order the bouquets you may find that they make them up using flowers that have been imported – also creating an unnecessary carbon footprint.  If you are asking for exotic blooms then it is unlikely that they could have been obtained without importing them, at least not in an eco-friendly way.

The good news is that there are now many florists that are taking an eco-friendly approach to their work.  All you have to do is ask about eco-friendly options.  They will explain to you about the blooms that they source locally and explain to you about the different flowers that will be in season at the time of your wedding.  Remember that if you are getting married during the winter months, flowers such as roses are not in season so even if you are sourcing locally they are being obtained from suppliers that are forcing them on, using greenhouses and artificial heat and light, not to mention the possible use of chemicals.  This will give them a higher carbon footprint than normal and this should be avoided.

Make sure that your flowers are local, in season and have been produced without the help of chemicals.  Opt for organic where possible as this also avoids the use of chemical pesticides.  If possible, talk to more than one florist to get a wider picture of the options available to you in your area.  It is really important to ask as many questions as possible when you meet your florist as it can save time and worry about the eco-friendly credentials of your wedding later.