Eco-adventure Honeymoons

The honeymoon is not simply a vacation after a wedding – it is a chance to see another part of the world and introduce yourselves to new cultures, but there is also a growing trend for adventure honeymoons.  However, how does this fit if you are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible?  The good news is that an adventure honeymoon does not have to compromise your environmentally-friendly ambitions.

ecohoneymoonConsider Costa Rica, where you can stay in one of the eco-lodges at the Lapa Rios resort.  In the heart of a large nature reserve, you can spend your stay here watching the wildlife, horseback riding, kayaking in the ocean, hiking or even tree planting.  A visit to the Corcovada National Park is a great place to spot sloths and other wildlife or you could spend some time rafting through the rainforest on the Pacuare River and visiting the local indigenous communities.

Staying with the eco-lodge theme, why not try Australia’s Daintree resort in Queensland.  This is a very small resort where you get to relax and enjoy spa treatments or you can opt for one of the adventure tours, walks in the rainforest or jungle surfing!

Africa is a great place for the eco-adventure honeymoon.  Katavi National Park in Tanzania is a popular destination along with the Mahale Mountains.  Guided tours will allow you to spend a night under the stars in the bush and as this is a relatively undiscovered part of the country, you will not be tripping over tourists every few minutes.  Walking safaris are an adventure option for your honeymoon or you can trek through the mountains and try to spot chimpanzees.  At the end of an active day you can relax sailing on a dhow around Lake Tanganika.

Next stop – India!  At Ladakh you can stay in one of six Shakti houses.  These are village-located and can be found in a part of the Indian Himalayas that is well and truly off the beaten track.  The accommodation is authentic and comfortable. Most of the places you can visit from here will be fairly remote and you are unlikely to see another tourist.  You could spend time rafting up the Indus river or take part on the Shayok River Journey which will lead you through the Nubra Valley. The guides can set up camps along the river as you travel.

Remaining in India you could also take a honeymoon break and include the Himalayan Village Walk.  This honeymoon is a mountain retreat where you get to relax but you can also add in elements of the adventure holiday.  The traditional village life is on offer on this vacation where you can learn things such as how the traditional flour mills work.  Part of the trip will see you staying in more luxurious accommodations and eco-spas too.

No matter where you want to go in the world there is an eco-adventure waiting for you.

Eco-friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

A couple organizing an eco-friendly wedding would surely prefer that their wedding gifts are also eco-friendly, but what should you give?  The fact is that if you have time to do a little research there are plenty of gifts out there that go far beyond the usual gifts of glassware and kitchen accessories.

Opt for a gift that is a little more creative.  Plenty of people will give the happy couple items for their kitchen – why don’t you give them the opportunity to learn how to use them?  Cooking classes for couples make a great gift.  They can spend time together away from home and learn new skills at the same time.  Alternatively opt for a hamper that you have put together yourself.  Find out all their favorite (organic!) foods and fill a basket.  Maybe you could add in a few of your own favorite recipes for them to try.

Anything organic should feature on your list of possible gifts which is why organic cotton bathrobes and bedding are becoming popular choices.  There are a number of places now that sell organic and fair trade cotton products and the quality is perfect for a wedding gift.

eco-friendly wedding giftIf you do want to buy the happy couple something for their kitchen consider something made from bamboo.  Salad bowls and tongs, coasters and many other items can be found made from bamboo.  It is a sustainable material and it looks great in the kitchen.  Opting for sustainable materials for your gift is important – avoid plastics at all costs as their impact on the environment is dramatic and damaging.

For the real eco-enthusiast, you could invest in a solar oven.  These are ovens that cook simply with the help of sunlight, saving energy and money.  This is perfect for those who live in an area that gets plenty of good weather and it will totally transform the way that they prepare a meal.

Ethical gifts are also gaining in popularity.  Many charities now give you the opportunity to purchase items such as goats, cows and chickens for villages in third world countries.  Gifts like this mean that you can make a difference in the world without having an impact on the planet.  It is also ideal for the couple that already seems to have everything that they need.

If you do not want to give a physical gift, why not promise your friends some of your time and support?  A couple moving into a new home when they marry will need help with decorating and gardening and would appreciate a few friends turning up when they are needed most.

It does not take a lot of searching to find a suitably environmentally friendly gift and if you are on a tight budget you should still be able to find something that is kind to the planet and that your friends will appreciate.