Grow your own Wedding Bouquet

wildflowersOkay, so you’re planning every last detail of your wedding and have just been quoted a horrendous price for your wedding bouquet and other flowers.  Can florists really justify hundreds (many times thousands) of dollars for some foliage and a few roses and lilies?  The sad fact is that they can and do expect people to pay this kind of money for something that seems to grow abundantly, partly because they now call it ‘floral art’.  A real florist does have artistic skill, but that does not mean that the rest of us cannot learn a few tricks of the trade.

The first step is to source the flowers.  Even buying them from a florist and arranging them yourself could leave you with a hefty bill to pay, so the obvious answer is to devote a little time – and a good part of your garden – to growing the flowers yourself.  However, this is not something that you can decide to do at the last minute – you need to allow plenty of time for the flowers to grow and you need to time it all very well.  It is a good idea for those who are new to gardening to get a bit of advice from those who have green fingers.

Decide on the type of flowers that you want.  It may mean buying seeds, plug plants or bushes (in the case of roses) for the main flowers but then there are all kinds of plants and flowers that can be used as ‘fillers’ in the arrangements.  Again, take into consideration the time of the year that you will be getting married as what is available will vary.  Pinks, carnations, cornflowers and daisies are all great favorites and perfect for adding a splash of color.  If you want a rustic style bouquet then you can pretty much throw in anything that you want.

The amount of flowers you grow will also depend on whether or not you are making your own centerpieces for the tables and providing flowers for the ceremony.  Another factor is the number of people invited to the wedding.  A small wedding might only require six centerpieces but a larger gathering could mean that you need arrangements for 15 or more tables.  Make sure you have plenty of space for growing the flowers.  If space is limited, make arrangements to commandeer space in the gardens of friends and family!

As the flowers will not last forever once they are cut it is important to leave it as long as possible before taking the secateurs to them.  The best way is to deal with the flowers the day before so factor this into the schedule with plenty of time allowed as things like this always take longer than you might think.

A nice touch is for you to make your own confetti from the petals of flowers that you will not be using –hand this out to the guests to throw on the day.  Environmentally friendly and pretty to look at – what more could you want?

Don’t Forget the Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors!

One aspect of weddings that guests love to see are the wedding favors provided by the bride and groom.  Over the years these have become more elaborate but they are not necessarily environmentally-friendly.  The good news is that there are plenty of eco-friendly options that will impress your guests and ensure that they have a lasting memory of your special day.

Seed favors

A quick search on the internet will show you that there are many ‘plantable’ favors.  These are items that have wild flower seeds included with them so you can simply bury them in the garden and watch them grow.  These are a popular choice and come in many forms such as flower shaped ‘confetti’, cards, place cards and even boxes.  You could also opt for personalized seed packets.  Filled with assorted wildflower seeds, some will cover up to 200 square feet, so there is plenty for the whole garden.  Often you can choose the design of the personalized label and then add the names yourself.  To make it special, opt for calligraphy-style handwriting for an elegant touch!

Woven favor bags

Traditionally, wedding favors are candies and if you want to give your guests a few sweet treats then you need to have something to present them in.  Woven favor bags have a much more natural feel to them and are more environmentally friendly than opting for a plastic container.  They are biodegradable so if they are ever thrown away they will not have a harmful effect on the environment.  In addition, you can always reuse them for something else.

Bamboo coasters

Bamboo coasters make use of a natural material and are ideal for those who are having a summer wedding.  These come in sets that are packaged very nicely and are perfect if you want to give your guests a practical gift that will help them to remember your big day for a long time to come.  Consider purchasing some to use on the tables as well and this will help to tie the favors in with the decoration of the occasion.

Eco-friendly tote bags

Another practical gift that is sure to create a talking point is the eco-friendly tote bag.  These often have specific messages printed on them to encourage people to recycle but to commemorate your wedding you could have your names and the date printed on them instead.  Guests can use them to take home all the little items that they acquire during the day including the order of service and that all-important piece of cake!  The bags are fashioned from natural cotton and can be used time and time again.

Whichever eco-friendly wedding favors you choose, you can create a lasting impression on your guests without leaving a lasting impression on the environment!   For additional ideas, visit our Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Pinterest board!