Tips for Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning

eco friendly weddingThose who want to live a greener lifestyle may pay a lot of attention to the finer details of their big day, ensuring that it is as green as possible. However, you might want to consider how to make your planning process greener too. It might sound strange but everything we do has an impact on our planet in one way or another. Remember that there is a lot of moving about to do when you are planning a wedding and this will add to your carbon footprint, so why not try a couple of these tips to keep it to a minimum?

At-home research

 The internet is a great way for you to limit the damage you are doing to the planet because you can use it to find out more about things like venues and suppliers. You can take a look at the websites for the various places and suppliers that you are interested in and then create a shortlist that way. It could be that you need to know if a specific hotel has certain facilities available and their website should be able to tell you that. You will only need to arrange a visit if you are sure that you want to consider it for your wedding. It is great to visit places but it is also a very easy way to increase your carbon footprint.

Careful visits

 When you do want to arrange visits prior to the wedding, try to visit venues that are close to each other around the same time. For example if you want to visit a couple of venues that are 10 miles away from your home, try to visit them on the same morning or afternoon in order to limit the amount of travelling that you are doing.

The same thing applies to meetings with suppliers. If you are planning an eco-friendly wedding the chances are you are using local suppliers for your big day anyway but it can still help to make the planning process greener if you meet with them all around the same time and in the same area.

Are your suppliers green?

 You should be able to answer this question from the initial stage of your research. If you take a look at your supplier’s website it should say if they have been working sustainably or not, or tell you what your eco-friendly options are. If there is no information on this then make a phone call and ask the question. Don’t wait until you have travelled to meet the supplier to ask because that could just be a wasted journey if they are not able to meet your criteria. Those who do work to eco-friendly standards are usually very proud of this and will post it on their website for all to see!

Starting the planning process for your wedding is a very exciting time and it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement but if you want to have the greenest wedding that you can then a little bit of research will help you in the early stages.

Avoiding Common Problems on Your Big Day

happily ever afterOne of the main worries for any bride and groom is that the wedding day is going to go smoothly. Remember that nothing is ever completely perfect and that there are so many variables that you cannot guarantee that things will not go wrong, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your wedding day has as few problems as possible.


These tend to be the biggest problem on the actual day of the wedding. It could be that your transportation is stuck in a traffic jam, or the catering could be late. Checking as early as you can on the day of the wedding that everything is running on schedule is a good idea. Ask for the transport to get to you a little earlier than you want to leave – this can help to offset any traffic problems that they meet. Talk to the caterers about how they are going to be working. Will they prepare the food at the venue or prepare it elsewhere and transport it in? Working at the venue can be the best option as it means they get there early and there should not be a problem.

Issues with dresses

A bride’s worst nightmare is that something is going to happen to the dress on the day of the wedding. It is very easy for the dress to be torn or pulled, or even have something spilled on it before or during the big day. Once the final fitting has been done and the dress is ready, make sure it is stored in a protective bag or case to give you that additional peace of mind. On the day itself there is no telling what can happen. Standing on the hem of the dress could tear it slightly and it is a good idea to have a small sewing kit on hand so that a quick repair can be made.


You might not think that you would have any problem with your shoes on the big day, but it can happen. It should go without saying that you should make sure that your shoes are relatively comfortable to wear before the day itself. So many people try their shoes on and just leave them until the wedding day. Find a good time to wear them for an hour or two (around the house, not outside!) and just wear them in a little so you can get used to them. Check that they are well-made too. If you saved money by buying a bargain or discount pair of shoes, then it’s a good idea to make sure that the heels are not loose and there is no stitching coming loose.

There are many other issues that you could face on your big day, but with careful planning most of them can be prevented from occurring. Just remember to have a contingency plan in place for them and you will find that your wedding will go just as smoothly as you dreamed it would.