Greener Music for Your Wedding

GREEN_MUSIC_NOTESYou might wonder just how you can make your wedding music green. Unfortunately the music industry as a whole is not generally environmentally friendly, although steps are being taken to change this.  Record labels are starting to make small changes, such as the use of environmentally friendly paper for CD and DVD liner notes.  The music industry made a big effort to reduce waste and improve recycling and managed to cut back on waste by 4 million pounds.   Some musicians are making financial contributions to green programs including renewable energy programs and climate change.  Some artists are working with Reverb, a non-profit organization that makes music tours environmentally friendly.

It is possible to have ‘greener’ music at your wedding, but the fact is that you are going to be relying on your band to help you out with their green credentials too.  However, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your wedding music is as eco-friendly as possible.

First of all you could hire a band that takes an interest in eco-friendly matters.  They could make an effort to ensure that their work is carbon neutral.  This might mean that they offset their travel and other energy consumption by supporting green projects such as tree-planting schemes.  It may be that they make an effort to ensure that their stage outfits are made from sustainable materials or they use a greener form of travel to get to and from their performances.  It is worth asking your chosen band about this – while some will make sure this information is on their website, there will be plenty that have just not made it public.

Another option is to find acoustic performers.  Energy consumption drops dramatically when your band is using instruments that do not require electrical help!  Acoustic music can be very atmospheric and you will lose nothing by choosing a band like this.  However, if your band does use electrical instruments then it will help if you choose a venue that uses renewable energy sources.

Finding a band locally is always a good option.  A local band will not have to travel far and will therefore not be creating a huge carbon footprint.  Ask around and find out who friends and family have used on similar occasions.  Talk to people at your church – it is becoming a very popular option these days to use gospel choirs to perform at weddings and you can often find other musicians this way too.  People have been known to make a variety of music choices for their wedding, with one couple in the US reported to have hired a college marching band as entertainment.

When you talk to prospective musicians, make sure that you ask them what measures they take to ensure that their music is environmentally friendly.  It does not take a lot to make a difference and even a few greener measures can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of a performer.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues in New York

An eco-friendly wedding venue has to be top of the list for those who want to make their big day a little greener.  Is it possible for those who care about the environment to have an eco-friendly wedding? If you want to get married in New York, the answer is YES!

ink 48 new york  Ink 48

Kimpton Hotels proudly presents Ink 48 right in the heart of Manhattan for anyone looking to have an eco-friendly wedding day. Ink 48 is a luxury boutique hotel that can cater a cocktail reception for up to 60 guests, all of whom will just love the stunning Hudson River and New York City views – the perfect backdrop for wedding photography. All catering is provided by PRINT. Restaurant which has a wide choice of American dishes available. InkSpa is the ideal place for your wedding party and guests to enjoy a little pampering either before or after the event and you and your wedding party can take advantage of great group benefits.

So why is this hotel considered to be one of the most eco-friendly in the area? Ink 48 uses organic and fair trade products for their drinks and snacks, they have low flow plumbing and other environmentally friendly bathroom amenities including low energy lighting. Each of the guest rooms has recycling bins and to help reduce paper waste, ceramic mugs are used.

The Benjamin

What is not to love about The Benjamin, not only is it eco-friendly but it is also pet friendly too. Anyone considering having their wedding there will not be disappointed, after a $10 million refurbishment, the hotel is one of the finest in New York. There are two venues, the largest is 2200sq ft. and can cater for up to 80 guests. The large arched windows give the room plenty of light and gorgeous views over Lexington Ave. A venue on the 22nd floor is 1100sq ft. and can cater for 65 guests. The suite has two terraces, ideal for cocktails in the evening, or even al fresco dining. All of the weddings held at the hotel are catered by Geoffrey Zakarian and his signature restaurant ‘The National’ – sited in the New York Times as one of the best 50 restaurants in New York.

The Benjamin has been awarded the ECOTEL Five-Globe certification. They were the first hotel in New York to be environmentally friendly. They are committed to their environmental preservation policy which includes energy efficient thermostats and light fittings, recycling bins in guest rooms and a water conservation program. The Benjamin is also partnered with Clean the World, and they donate recycled soap and educational material for needy projects around the world.

central park wedding Central Park

If you are looking to get back to nature then you can always hold your wedding in Central Park.  There are several picturesque locations in which to say your vows, and they can customize a complete wedding package to suit your needs.

No matter what you are looking for from your eco-friendly venue, there are options in the city to suit you! As always if you share our commitment to saving the planet’s resources, browse Ecoura’s eco-friendly collection of wedding engagement right here at