Recycling Tips for Your Wedding

Once your big day has come and gone, there will be plenty of things for you still to deal with.  What are you going to do with that wedding dress?  What about the bridesmaids dresses?  The flowers?  It can be tempting just to pack some things up and put them away for good, but the truth is that there are plenty of options for reusing and recycling some of your wedding items.

The Dress

repurpose wedding dressThere are so many options here that there is bound to be one to suit you.  You could have your wedding (or the bridesmaids dresses) made into a completely new outfit.  If you are handy with a sewing machine this is something that you can do yourself or you can enlist the help of a crafty friend.  Dresses can be shortened, sleeves removed or shortened and you can add all kinds of embellishments that will give the garment a whole new look.  You could even have the dress made into a top and skirt so that they can be worn as separates and you can remove the whole ‘wedding’ feel from it by dyeing the material a different color. How about an adorable baby blanket and bear?

You could pass on your dress to another person who will use it.  Maybe you want to put it away for another family member to use but remember that there are plenty of ways you can pass your dress on to other people. You could donate it to charity where it can be sold in a second hand store.  Alternatively you could sell the dress yourself online and recoup some of the cost – remember that wedding dresses are not cheap and in most cases the bride is unlikely to wear it again.

The flowers

 Your wedding bouquet can be preserved so that you can keep it for a long time as another reminder of your big day, but the bigger the bouquet the more space you are going to need for it.  You could just choose to preserve individual flowers from your own bouquet or the bridesmaids’ bouquets.  These can be dried and placed in scrapbooks, frames or you can use them to decorate thank you cards to send to everyone who was kind enough to buy you a gift.

The stationery

We have already mentioned creating a scrapbook of the day and to this you can add samples of all the wedding stationery used on the day.  You may find that you have plenty of things to include like the wedding program.  Once you have saved one of these in your scrapbook, send the others with your paper recycling.

The catering

 On the day itself you should make sure that there is no food waste by ensuring that people take food home with them – providing doggy bags from an evening buffet is easy enough.  Anything not claimed could be sent to a local homeless shelter or food bank.

You do not have to go to any great lengths to ensure that there is no unnecessary waste after the wedding.  Why not make a plan before the big day so that you can put it into action if you need to?

Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues in Austin

The city of Austin, Texas is a great place to get married if you want a venue that is also taking care of the environment. The city has a number of ‘green’ hotels to choose from, so finding one that fits in with your own eco-friendly principles should not be difficult.

Why is an eco-friendly venue important? Your wedding is one day of your life, but with so many people involved there is the potential of adding substantially to your carbon footprint – but the right venue can help to keep this to a minimum without compromising on the service or quality that you get.

The Four Seasons

 four seasons austin txHead for Lady Bird Lake to see what the Four Seasons has to offer. Close to the city’s entertainment area and Convention Center, this hotel has beautiful and tranquil gardens. The hotel has been awarded Bronze Status by TripAdvisor’s GreenLeader program. There are many energy efficient fixtures at the hotel and a number of schemes in place to save water. Around 50% of catering produce is sourced organically. The garden is taken care of with no help from chemicals at all and you can get married surrounded by amazing greenery and flowers – great for the photos!

Travaasa Austin

 Travaasa AustinThis is one of the city’s top destinations and offers a range of spa and resort facilities for you to enjoy so you can spend your honeymoon here too. In the heart of the Austin hill, this venue has achieved Platinum status in the TripAdvisor GreenLeader program. Here 75% of catering produce is sourced locally and organically and the hotel also uses green cleaning products. Add to this the luxury features like the infinity swimming pool and you will wonder why you didn’t book this sooner!


The Hyatt Place

Hyatt Place austin Located in the Downtown district of the city, you can enjoy eco-friendly features and be within steps of the entertainment district and a great shopping area. It is also ideally placed for any services that you need to bring in such as the photographer or the flowers. Here you can enjoy luxury features such as large TVs and Hyatt Grand beds in the rooms, great event space for the wedding and a round the clock fitness center. The green credentials of the hotel include initiatives such as reusing towels and linens rather than replacing them each day, energy-efficient light bulbs and other appliances, monitoring the use of energy around the hotel, recycling as much waste as possible and making sure that staff and guests are fully aware of the green practices of the hotel. The Hyatt Place has been listed as a TripAdvisor GreenPartner.

Why not check out one of these venues for your Austin wedding? Larger hotels such as these also have the added advantage of being able to offer plenty of accommodation for your guests too!