Trying to Please Everyone at Your Wedding? Keep Your Stress Levels Low!

stress free zoneIt is well known that planning a wedding can be a very stressful time. There is so much to organize and so many decisions to make that it is no wonder that many people are tempted to elope and get married quietly. However, you can keep your stress levels to a minimum if you approach the organization in the right way.


Can you really please everyone?

 Let’s face it, the answer to this question is no! There is just no way that you can keep everybody happy. And as it is your wedding, why should you? The only people whose opinions are really important on the day are the bride and groom. However, there are many other people involved. The mothers of the bride and groom might want to voice an opinion and while they are hopefully understanding that not everyone has the same opinion, it could be that one of them will take offence if their advice is not followed.

You could take the step of asking people for their opinions early on in the planning process, but make it clear that you are just gathering ideas and that ultimately you and your partner will be making the final decisions. This way people are aware as soon as possible that you might not be using their suggestions. This will also help (hopefully!) to avoid any arguments later on about how things should be done. You might be surprised at just how vocal some people can be at a time like this!


Get the right help

 You also need to avoid ruffling feathers when you ask for help with arrangements. It is so easy to ask one person to help, but upset three more simply by not asking them. If you can, break the tasks down and rope in as many people as you can (or those who would be hurt if you did not ask). It can be very stressful for you when you’re trying to smooth things over at a later date. The other option is to make it clear that you will not be asking anyone to do anything so that you aren’t making anyone feel left out, but this can actually add to your stress as you will be doing everything yourself. You need to find a balance. Talk to your partner first and try to work out between you who would want to be asked to help and who will not mind taking a back seat.

Start the organization of the big day as early as you can. The later you leave it to make all the arrangements the more issues you are going to have and the more stressed you will be. It will also be much harder to keep everyone happy as you may have to do a lot more compromising than you had planned.

Remember while all of this is happening that it is your big day and you and your partner are the most important people involved. As long as you have the day you want nothing else really matters.

Try the UK for an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon

The UK may not be your first thought as a honeymoon destination, particularly if you want to go somewhere that has guaranteed sunshine and miles of golden beaches, but there is plenty to offer if you are looking for an eco-friendly honeymoon with a difference. You might be taking a chance with the weather, but it will be worth it.

Try a boating holiday

 narrow boat holidayOne of the most popular options is a narrow boat holiday. The UK has thousands of miles of canals that you can explore at a very leisurely pace. You may not think of this as a particularly green option, but you can hire narrow boats that have solar panels for generating electricity and the slow speed means that you are not burning fuel in the same way that you would if you were travelling around much faster in a car. You can learn the basics of operating the narrow boat when you hire it and also how to deal with locks when you reach them. You can cover around 20 miles a day in a narrow boat and there are plenty of country pubs lining the canal where you can simply moor the boat and move onto dry land for a drink and a traditional English lunch.

A British wildlife holiday

 You don’t have to head off to Africa for a safari to enjoy a wildlife holiday. There are plenty of places in the UK where you can see a range of animals in their natural habitat. Time spent in the Highlands of Scotland, for example, will give you the opportunity to see red deer and golden eagles. Alternatively consider a coast or island holiday where you can spend time watching the hundreds of different bird species. Accommodation will be in the form of a B&B, vacation cottage rental or an eco-lodge. If you are near the coast, take the time to do a boat trip so you can see seals, dolphins and even some species of shark. Lundy Island is a great place to visit. Located in the Bristol Channel, this area became the first underwater nature reserve in the UK.

Where to stay

 The choices are endless when it comes to accommodation for your UK eco-friendly honeymoon. Sussex in the south of the UK is home to the Project Eco Lodge or if you want to be in Scotland you can chose the Loch Ossian Eco Hostel. The latter has a number of different green features including bat-friendly paint. If you want to learn more about being eco-friendly then head to Machynlleth in Wales where there is a luxury hostel at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

A little bit of research is all it takes to get the eco-friendly honeymoon that you are looking for and the UK is a great place to visit. No matter what your budget there will be a green option to suit you.