Help Your Wedding Guests Go Green!

green tips for wedding guestsIf you are planning an eco-friendly wedding it is so easy to make the necessary changes to the plans so that you are not leaving a deeper footprint on the environment, but what about your guests? You cannot demand that they do everything in an eco-friendly way – you can ask nicely, but you cannot make them do it. What you can do is help them along a little!

Location, location, location!

 When you are deciding on your wedding venue remember that the carbon footprint is ramped up not only by you travelling there and back, but your guests as well. At most weddings there are more guests than there are members of the wedding party so it makes sense environmentally to have the wedding at a location that is close to as many of the guests as possible. You can cut down on your travelling but by cutting down on travelling done by the guests.

Do them a favor!

 Wedding favors are considered to be essential at weddings even though you could easily do without them. If you do feel that favors are something that your big day cannot do without, then you need to make sure that you are sending your guests away with something eco-friendly. Opt for something recyclable, or something that they can grow, such as wild flower seeds. Edible gifts are also a good idea – sugared almonds, hand-made chocolates or small cupcakes always go down great.

Turn them veggie!

 Meat production has a higher impact on the environment than vegetable production, but you do not have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a vegetarian meal. You and your guests can enjoy a vegetarian meal that is eco-friendly. Consider a meal with a Mediterranean themes – there are so many Greek and Italian dishes that are vegetarian and delicious – your guests will be so busy enjoying the food that they won’t even notice that there is no meat.

Choosing eco-friendly gifts

 It is normal these days to register before your wedding for gifts but you can do this in an eco-friendly way. Avoid some of the big retailers and add gifts from ethical sources. Go for something sustainable, eco-friendly or vintage to make a big difference to the usual kitchen implements and decorative items. What about donations to aid projects around the world? These can often be done in your name through a charity and it is a great alternative to a standard gift. This is an ideal option for those who have already set up home together and probably already have everything that they need.

You can also explain to your guests when you invite them to the wedding just how important it is that your day is as eco-friendly as possible. Why not ask them for suggestions to help to make it easier? See who can come up with the best idea and then let all your guests know the various things that they can do if they want to play their part in making your day environmentally-friendly.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Is there such a thing as eco-friendly jewelry? Of course there is! In fact, it does not take much for you to find an environmentally friendly option and some of the most beautiful jewelry can add to your green credentials.

Why eco-friendly jewelry?

Obtaining precious metals and gemstones can be very damaging to the environment – mining is not the most eco-friendly of activities. It can damage the natural habitat of wildlife and cause a great deal of pollution. Remember too that mining is often taking place in developing countries where there isn’t much opportunity to control what is happening. In some countries you need to be aware that the people who work in the mines are not treated fairly, with long hours, poor wages and poor living conditions so by considering the jewelry you buy a little more carefully you can really make a difference.

What is eco-friendly jewelry?

 You need to consider the way that the stones and metals are mined. There are mining companies now that are paying more attention to the impact that they have on the environment and are doing more about working conditions. Consider buying jewelry that has been created from items found in non-conflict areas. It is possible to get jewelry that has a certificate to show that it has been fairly traded so that you know that workers are getting a fair deal.

A good example is the use of cultured pearls rather than natural pearls. Cultured pearls are considered to be more environmentally friendly because the way that they are harvested does less damage to the environment and there is no difference between these and those found naturally. You can also save a bit of money by buying cultured pearls – they are cheaper because there are more of them.

Another tip is to avoid coral – this is a beautiful material but it has become endangered. Pollution, infrastructure works and the rise in water temperature is doing a lot of damage and large amounts of coral reefs have died. Your eco-friendly jewelry should never contain any coral at all.

eco friendly engagement ringsOne of the best ways to make sure that you get environmentally friendly jewelry is to opt for that made from renewed metals. Renewed means that the materials have been previously mined so you there is no massive addition to the carbon footprint. Renewed gold has been collected, melted, refined and churned into fresh bars of gold. The good news is that renewed gold is identical and has the same look and feel as newly mined gold.

Ecoura has become one of the top names in renewed gold, specializing in wedding and engagement rings. All of our eco-friendly engagement ring collections are created from renewed gold and you can choose from classic, contemporary and vintage styles – something for all tastes. You can even help to make the world a little more environmentally friendly because if you choose your engagement ring with Ecoura we plant a tree in your honor – further helping to reduce the damage that is being done to the planet. Now, isn’t that much better than the alternative?