Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2017

As trends for wedding dresses, themes and gifts come and go, so do those for wedding jewelry, so which trends are set to be big this year?


Here at Ecoura we love everything vintage because not only is it eco-friendly, it helps you to connect with the elegant charm of eras such as the 1920s and 1950s. This type of glamour is easy to achieve if you opt for vintage pearls. They suit almost everyone and will not overpower the overall look. If you want to achieve a 1950s style go for a traditional pearl necklace – one strand is perfect for an understated yet polished look.  For the 1920s think Art Deco.  Jewelry in this style will feature silver and platinum much more than gold.  Art Deco costume jewelry features imitation emeralds, sapphires and rubies. You can also check out our line of Modern Vintage engagement rings at Ecoura.


Intricate floral motifs are a feature of the bohemian jewelry look. If you have opted for one of this year’s feminine and flowing wedding gowns then a floral motif will add to the bohemian style. There is a current trend for diamonds and sapphires in jewelry such as cuff bracelets but if the budget doesn’t stretch that far consider costume jewelry. There is a tendency to see bohemian style as simply hippy or ethnic but there is so much more to the trend than that. Having said that, jewelry that features crystals such as rose quartz or amethyst can help to add to the bohemian look.  Again, silver is favored much more than gold.

Go minimal

Simple lines in jewelry are becoming a popular choice with brides all over the world. This is because it is much more important to show off the dress and the event rather than have the jewelry take center stage. However, that does not mean that jewelry can’t make a statement. Rose gold is growing in popularity and it has a very warming feel to it. Try a classic knot pendant, which will go well with column dress styles or strapless gowns. White gold is another option for a statement pendant – choose a dramatic stone for the center. For brides who prefer a more simple look, our Classic line of engagement rings are sure to please.

Renewed jewelry

The most important piece of jewelry you can have on your wedding day is your wedding ring and Ecoura should be your first port of call for renewed gold rings.  Why pay out for a new gold ring when our renewed pieces are just as beautiful and will not leave a stain on the environment?  There is so much jewelry that isn’t worn and it is a shame when it goes to waste.  Ecoura’s eco-friendly outlook includes natural diamonds, so there is no need to worry that you will be compromising on glamour. Take a look at our range to find out more. Join us in our commitment to preserving and protecting the environment. Visit for more information.

Eco-friendly Wedding Details for 2017

So you want to plan your eco-friendly wedding this year?  With environmentally friendly products and services becoming much more popular, you might think that it would be easy to do this, but if you want to stay on trend there are a few things to take into consideration that will not damage the planet any further.

Wedding décor

Using recycled materials and locally produced items, you can dramatically reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. Try fresh flowers for decoration – these are biodegradable and can be taken home by guests at the end of the day.  The one thing you really need to avoid are balloons. While most people favor them because they are cheap, cheerful and easy to use, they are not the environment’s best friend. The actual rubber material used to make them is harmful for the environment and can easily end up in the water system where they can be consumed by fish and birds.  You could as an alternative, decorate the room with rented items such as parasols or create your own from recycled paper.

Eco-friendly confetti

While many people still use the less-than green variety of confetti, they love the idea of an environmentally-friendly version. Flower petals are the best choice here – they are biodegradable and let’s face it, they look much better in the wedding photos than tiny pieces of colored and coated paper. The paper version can actually be around much longer than you might think and it is so easy for it to be picked up by birds too.  You could make your own confetti. Why not get your own flower petals, dry them and then crush them so they are in fairly small pieces?  They retain the color and will still look great in the photos. You can mix it with birdseed too if you prefer – the birds will be attracted to the seed so it doesn’t just hang around on the pavements.  Don’t mix the petals with rice – this can be damaging if the birds pick it up.

A bird’s eye view

Up until a couple of years ago if you wanted aerial views of your wedding, you had to hire a helicopter.  Needless to say not many couples chose to go down this route, mainly because of the cost but some people were also mindful of the environmental considerations. However, this year aerial photos are going to be big news at all weddings and this is due mainly to the rise in popularity of the humble drone!  You can get aerial photos of your big day without seeing a spike in your carbon footprint – why not ask one of your guests?  There are a lot of people who own drones these days and the cost should also be fairly low.

Finally – don’t forget that recycled gold and jewelry are big news at the moment.  Ecoura can supply you with renewed gold rings that have not had a dramatic environmental or social impact.  

Your wedding – be green after the event!

So your big day has come and gone and you are starting to think about the impact of it all.  Maybe you did not consider green issues while you were planning your wedding but that does not mean that you can’t make a difference afterwards.  Not many people think about the big clean-up because they are so excited about the day itself, but a little careful thought means that you can offset your wedding’s carbon footprint.


Did you arrange things like floral centerpieces and room decorations yourself?  If you hired a company to deal with decorations for you then they will usually be responsible for taking them away and they will be reused at another wedding, making them less damaging to the environment than you might think. If you have purchased decorative items such as cake stands then it is easy enough to give or sell them on to someone else so that they can be used again.

Floral decorations obviously have a fairly short lifespan so you cannot simply expect them to be used by another bride, unless you have opted for silk flowers and you can pass them on.  However, most people prefer to have real flowers at a wedding.  You can give these to people as they are leaving. Most bridesmaids and members of the bridal party are happy to take home a floral decoration or two. Remember that real flowers are biodegradable so even with their short lifespan they are unlikely to have a major impact on the environment.


There are many ways of recycling your wedding outfits.  The bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses can be sold on or given away so that they can be used again.  There are charity organizations that will use the fabric from the dresses to make other items, including gowns for stillborn babies, so why not consider putting the dresses to good use?  The same applies to shoes.  The shoes are generally bought just for that one day so they have very little wear and tear on them.  Sell them online or pass them on to a nearby thrift store.  The groom, best man and ushers’ outfits are usually on hire so they can just be returned to the store.

General waste disposal

Often it is too late the next day to make sure that things like empty bottles are recycled but most wedding venues have different trash containers so that people will know where everything should go, but if you are faced with a reception venue that you have to return to the next morning to do the cleaning you can make sure that anything that is recyclable is separated from the rest of the trash.

Making your wedding day green is definitely much easier to do when you are in the planning stages, but that does not mean all is lost if you wait until afterwards – take a greener approach to the clean-up and you can still make a difference.

Tips on Eco-Friendly Wedding Jewelry

ecourabridalGetting eco-friendly wedding jewelry is not as difficult as you might think.  Industry leading eco-friendly jewelry manufacturer Ecoura utilizes renewed gold and other materials to produce beautiful pieces of jewelry that you will be happy to wear forever. There are a few ways to make sure that you get something that is truly ethical and eco-friendly.


Vintage stones are one option for those who do not want to wear unethical items. Retro jewelry is considered to be very on-trend at the moment and is a great alternative to buying new items.

There are also certification programs that you can check to make sure that the stones that your jeweler is using come from an ethical source. Your jeweler should also be happy to discuss the source of your stones with you too, so if you have any doubts make sure you ask!


The melting and refining process of renewed gold means that it offers the same quality as new gold. As many gold mines have an open-pit design the damage to the environment can be far more destructive than you think. Not many people realize that up to 30 tons of rock can be destroyed to find enough gold to make one ring.  Ecoura’s renewed gold jewelry is a great option if you prefer to leave the rock where nature intended!

Go a little off-beat

Did you consider wood for your wedding jewelry? Not many people do, but this is a real eco-friendly option. There are designs out there that include strands of braided silver and some eco-friendly diamonds so you do not have to give up on the idea of wearing jewelry that will make an impact on your big day.

Finding your eco-friendly jeweler is actually much easier than you might think.  A few minutes spent with Google will bring you many alternatives in your local area.  Make sure you ask them what they can offer you that is eco-friendly and ask as many questions as you can about their material sources.

Remember that your wedding day jewelry and in particular your wedding ring should last a lifetime. Why compromise with a cheap alternative when you can get quality statement pieces. like those from Ecoura, that are guilt-free and designed to last for years?

Your Wedding: Vintage or New?

When you’re planning your big day, you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, not on the ozone layer! But does this mean that you have to have everything second hand? The answer is no.

Vintage style is something that is very much on-trend at the moment and if you want to organize a vintage wedding then you can be reassured that you are dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. Being willing to re-use something that has already been created and used means that you are not paying for new things to be manufactured. However, there are plenty of brand new things that you can have on your wedding day that will not damage the environment.

The dress – vintage or new?

Any dress you choose for your day is one that you want to be eye-catching. Vintage gowns are all the rage at the moment and by shopping online or in specialist vintage stores you can pick up a bargain. Just remember that there are some eco-friendly dress labels that can create you a new gown using organic and eco-friendly materials so that your dress will not have the carbon footprint of a standard new gown.

The cars – vintage or new?

This is probably the one instance where a vintage car is not necessarily more eco-friendly than a new car. The energy efficiency of new cars means that they do not use as much fuel as vintage vehicles, so you are not adding to the destruction of the planet. You also don’t have the worry of the impact of getting a new item – the cars have already been built. You are not creating more demand for new cars, you are simply hiring the car that you like on the day. You are not causing a new car to be built, so the environmental impact of the manufacturing process is only a small consideration here.

The venue – vintage or new?

Older buildings tend not to have the energy efficiency of newer built properties. Country house hotels that date back 150 years or more are beautiful to look at and are wonderful backdrops for your photos but they are not built to modern-day green construction standards, even if they have included some energy efficient measures such as solar panels and recycling programs. On the other hand, most modern hotels have been built to comply with standards on eco-friendly building and include many more eco-friendly features that might include wind turbines, water recycling systems and a focus on the use of local suppliers.

These are just a few of the aspects of your green day that you might want to consider. Vintage implies a certain amount of eco-friendliness and a vintage wedding can be a beautiful event.  However, vintage does not suit everybody. If you prefer to have a modern wedding it is good to know that you can opt for new on almost everything and still do your bit for the planet.

Your Green Wedding – How a Car Pool Can Help!

For any event, but particularly a wedding, travel to and from the venue can be responsible for seriously increasing your carbon footprint.  Everyone tends to travel in their own cars unless the wedding is a long distance from home, but car travel can be very damaging for the environment. So what is the solution?  A car pool!

Organizing a car pool

This is going to seem like a mammoth task but there are a few things that you can do to make it go smoothly. First of all you need to ask people how they are going to get to and from the wedding. You could send out a mass email or just ask people to note it on their RSVP when they get their invitation.  The next step is a little boring but it will help! Create a spreadsheet with all list of guests on it and note where they live and if they are planning to drive or not.

This spreadsheet will help you to work out if there are guests that live close enough together to share a vehicle.  You will also need to know if the guests are planning to stay overnight at the wedding location – some will prefer to return to their own home and this will affect the way that you match people up.

Talk to everyone first before you go making arrangements for them.  Some will be happy to car pool and some will not.  Explain to everyone why you are doing it – some will want to help you to reduce your wedding day’s impact on the environment but there will also be people who do not understand why it is important.  How much time you want to spend convincing them is up to you!

Car pool benefits

The reduction in fuel usage will be important for the environment but remember that it will also save your guests some money.  The cost of gas can be split between everyone in the car, which would be much more if they had all arrived in individual cars. It also means that some of your guests can get to know each other before they arrive at the wedding, so you will have far fewer of those guests that do not know anyone and find it hard to talk to strangers. And there are also fewer parking issues – there are so many venues that only seem to have enough parking facilities for half the number of guests that you have invited!

Alternatives to car pools include hiring coaches to ferry guests from the church to the reception and then back to hotels or even home.  When planning your wedding, consider not only the travelling that you are going to be doing but that of your guests too – the environmental impact soon adds up but with a little (or a lot) of careful planning, you can change that.

Is a DIY Wedding Eco-Friendly?

DIY weddingBrides today are often turning to the DIY option for various aspects of their wedding, but is this really any greener than other options?  The answer is that there are various ways a DIY wedding can be much more eco-friendly than the ready-prepared options so a little careful planning could be all you need.

When you realize just how many things are ready-made for your big day, it can seem to be easier to have somebody else do it for you.  Items such as stationery, decorations, party favors and even clothes can all be made by you for the wedding and one of the advantages of doing things this way is that you can be sure you get exactly what you want, but making sure it is green is another matter!


You can order eco-friendly stationery for your wedding online or have a local stationery supplier produce it for you, but it is just as eco-friendly for you to purchase recycled paper and other items to make your own.  If you simply buy random items to make your wedding stationery with then you cannot be sure that it is the greenest option.  However, make sure you allow plenty of time as if you want to get them just perfect it can be a very time-consuming thing to do.


For a DIY wedding the best decorations are those that you can find in the garden!  Raid your own green space as well as that of your friends and neighbors to gather huge amounts of flowers and trailing greenery.  The only downside to this option is that it has to be done as late as possible to avoid the flowers drooping before the big day.  Aim to decorate the venue the night before.  If you opt for other types of decorations such as paper decorations or balloons, you will find that your carbon footprint rises slightly.  And when you have finished with your flowers and greenery, they can simply be added to the compost!

Party favors

When you are putting together your party favors you could just purchase these ready-made but you cannot be sure what the carbon footprint of these is.  Why not consider a party favor that helps your guests to live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Wild-flower seeds in recycled paper packets are a good choice as it can help to give guests a lasting memory of your big day.


Okay, we will admit you need some serious skills to be able to pull this one off but you can make sure your hand-made outfits are eco-friendly.  Using eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cottons and silks are a good idea but you need to make sure that they are produced locally (or as near as you can get!) in order to be sure that their carbon footprint is low. Remember that many fabrics are mass-produced in the Far East these days so do a little research before you make this decision.  This is another one that will have to be started early to make sure that you are ready for the big day. Last but not least, don’t forget your eco-friendly wedding rings!


What Difference Can Eco-Friendly Jewelry Make?

For those who want to do a little more to help the environment there are many ways to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle, but how many people consider the eco-friendly credentials of their jewelry? The truth is that most commercially produced jewelry has quite a substantial carbon footprint, so choosing eco-friendly pieces can make a difference. Eco-friendly jewelry is manufactured using methods that are much more responsible, both socially and environmentally.

Precious metals

classic ecoura ringWhen it comes to fair working practices and conditions the gold mining industry does not have the best reputation. The actual work to extract the gold is damaging for the earth and with issues such as safety standards, respect for the indigenous peoples and the use of toxic substances like mercury and cyanide in the process of mining, an eco-friendly alternative is essential. Renewed gold is the alternative that could ensure that no further damage is done. Renewed gold is the precious metal that has already been mined and previously used. It is simply recycled to create new pieces. Ecoura uses renewed gold to create unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry that will not have a negative impact upon the planet.

Precious stones

Did you ever hear the phrase ‘conflict diamonds’? Many of the world’s diamonds are mined and sold in order to fund wars and other violent acts in Africa. Lives are lost and there are human rights abuses during the mining process. Again, the methods used for mining are very damaging to the environment. Getting diamonds that are conflict-free is not easy because there is not really any way to guarantee that they have been mined ethically but there are some sources of diamonds that are much more environmentally-friendly such as Canada.

Environmentally friendly pearls

You may think that pearls are much more eco-friendly than diamonds and gold – after all, they are produced by oysters. However, the methods used to harvest them are not eco-friendly. There is ecological damage in the form of the depletion of the species. Ecosystems are damaged when the high-powered hoses are used to clean the oysters. Mussel populations are also affected by the cultivation of pearls by using mussel nuclei. Some pearl farms are using natural methods for cleaning pearls that do not destroy the environment for the native fish populations.

When you are buying a piece of jewelry it is always a good idea to ask where and how the piece was manufactured. Most jewelers will be able to tell you where it has come from, but it will always help if you look for a jeweler that specializes in eco-friendly jewelry. Ecoura uses renewed gold and it is estimated that for every gold ring manufactured this way, between 5 and 20 tons of environmental waste and damage can be saved. And the piece you purchase will still be just as beautiful as those that have left a negative stamp on the environment.


What makes your wedding venue eco-friendly?

eco friendly wedding venueThere are a number of different factors that you should be looking for when you are trying to figure out if your wedding venue is eco-friendly. The first thing you should do is ask the venue what action they take in terms of sustainability – most places that consider it to be important will be very proud of the work they have done and will not hesitate to tell you. However, some are definitely more eco-friendly than others!

Energy usage

 Any venue can look at their energy usage and make it a little greener. Even ensuring that their energy supplier has green policies can make a difference, but if you want to be sure of your venue ask them if they’re using alternative forms of energy generation such as solar power or wind turbines. Ask if they take measures such as switching to energy saving lightbulbs – even simple steps like this can bring the carbon footprint down significantly.


 Whatever you do in life there is always the potential to recycle and hotels and other wedding venues are no exception. Some have intricate systems that recycle grey water so it can be used in gardens, some will simply ensure that all of their paper is collected and recycled. Others will ask for guests to separate out the things that they use so that bottles, cans and paper can all be recycled. What about recycling of rainwater? Collecting rainwater for use in the hotel is a great water of cutting back on water consumption, which is another key factor in the eco-friendly world.

Local suppliers

 This is quite important. There is not much point choosing a venue that has all of its energy supplied by solar power if you find out that they import all of the flowers for their arrangements from another country. Local suppliers are essential to any company that wants to be greener. Florists, for example, could be using only seasonal flowers and foliage that they can source within a few miles. The venue’s kitchens could ensure that they are sourcing meat, fish and vegetables locally too. Again, imported food – even from another state – can add to a carbon footprint significantly

Don’t forget to ask!

 There is no point dismissing a venue just because they do not do things the way that you want. Ask if they can do it for your day! For example, if they do import flowers for their venue, ask if it is okay to use your own local supplier for that one day. While it would be good to have a venue that is environmentally friendly all the time, some are not, but you can make it so for your wedding day.

Most venues are happy to accommodate you if you have specific requirements. Why not take a look at their websites first – if they have green credentials they will normally publicize this. Many venues have been given green awards from TripAdvisor so why not start your search there? As always, we hope you join us at Ecoura in our commitment to preserving and protecting our Earth.

What is the most eco-friendly season for your wedding?

eco friendly weddingsIf you want an eco-friendly wedding then it is a good idea to work out which is the most eco-friendly season to hold your wedding. There are different eco-friendly advantages to each season and you have to choose the ones that will best complement your wishes and theme of the day.


Spring flowers are always popular at weddings and to have them at any other time of the year means that you are supporting commercial growers from other areas, adding to your carbon footprint. Floral crowns are an eco-friendly alternative to tiaras for both the bride and the bridesmaids, or simpler real flower hair accessories. Spring is also a good time to sow seeds and the popularity of wild flower seed packs as wedding favors means that your guests can attend your wedding and transform the look of their garden just in time for summer!


 A summer wedding allows you far more choice of venues, particularly if you want to keep the natural feel and have your wedding outside. Receptions can be held in marquees and there will be no need to create a background for your photographs – nature does all of that work for you! Remember that a wedding held indoors will use a lot more electricity and other forms of energy to keep it going. An outdoor wedding means that you can make use of the extended daylight hours and keep your energy use to a minimum.


 A rustic theme is great for an autumn wedding and the good news is that it is also an eco-friendly one. A barn wedding (if you have a barn for hire nearby!) is always a good choice. Why not provide your guests with an edible place card? At this time of the year apples are plentiful (although it helps if you know somebody who has an orchard!) and all you have to do is write names on a small piece of card and tie it to the stalk of the apple. Burlap bags also look great at a rustic wedding and they are perfect for the wedding favors. It is a natural material and the bags will serve as a lasting reminder of the day.


 Eco-friendly weddings in winter are a little harder to pull off. Weddings and the reception generally have to be held indoors, depending upon which part of the country you are in, and this means that you need to do a little hunting for your eco-friendly venue. Wedding accessories can also be an issue. Flowers for example, can be a problem. If you want specific flowers then you are usually be using imported flowers or getting them from a supplier that has force-grown them in a greenhouse. These options are not eco-friendly. Opt for what nature already has. Holly, ivy and mistletoe can help to bring nature indoors for you and you can often find these in your own back yard.

No matter what time of the year you want to have your wedding there will be an option that will help you to keep it eco-friendly, but remember that sometimes, what works during one season will not necessarily work during another!