Eco-friendly Wedding Venues in Chicago

Looking for an eco-friendly wedding venue can be much harder than you might think.  Not all of them take all the environmentally-friendly measures that you might consider to be essential and some of them will be going that extra mile, taking steps you might not even have thought of!  Here are just a couple eco-friendly wedding venues in Chicago that you might want to consider…


Catalyst Ranch

 eco friendly wedding venue chicago ILThis is a great venue for those who want their special day to have a quirky vibe.  Despite the name this is a loft, filled with comfy couches and plenty of vintage furniture.  You don’t have to worry about decorating the place for the wedding as the walls are covered with bright works of art.  The Catalyst Ranch can offer you all the help that you need to find local vendors and services for your wedding.

From an eco-friendly point of view the venue has started well with the vintage furniture and accessories and they also ensure that everything that can be recycled is!  Where new paper products are needed they only use recycled options and all staff are trained to have a green outlook so they are up to speed with the company’s green schemes.  With eco-friendly lighting, paperless invoicing and the use of washable towels instead of the paperless variety, this venue has thought of all the small things that matter when it comes to being more environmentally aware.  Good public transport options mean that you can also cut down on your own carbon footprint when you are travelling there and back.


Greenhouse Loft

eco friendly wedding venue chicago Greenhouse Loft has developed a reputation over the years for being one of the top environmentally-friendly venues in the country.  Here you can have a wedding hosted for anything between 25 people and 300.  The venue has glass walls so that you and your guests can make the most of the beautiful gardens.  It can be easily reached by public transport and the venue has its own event managers so that you can be sure that every detail of your special day is properly taken care of.  The organic sky garden is a particular attraction.

So what about the environmentally friendly factors that are so important?  One of the main ones is the solar thermal panels that are used for hot water and air conditioning.  The heating and cooling system used at Greenhouse Loft is efficient and cuts energy use by almost a quarter.  The venue also has a state of the art collection system for water collection that can be used to feed the water feature and irrigate plants in the garden.  The building also features windows that are energy efficient and that bring in plenty of natural light and regulate the air temperature.  All parts of the venue are involved in recycling initiatives and there is also an eco-friendly escalator that is 30% more efficient on energy use than other models.

Quirky Ideas for Greener Wedding Invitations

plantable wedding invitationsWhen you’re planning the perfect eco-friendly wedding, there are so many different ways that you can add that greener touch.  A very simple way to reduce your carbon footprint is to make sure that your wedding invitations are eco-friendly.  Never think that this has to be a boring option – there are so many fun ways for you to have greener wedding stationery that your guests will never forget!

The first step is to use recycled paper, but don’t worry, this product has gone far beyond the grey-toned paper that you used to get!  You can now get recycled paper in a variety of colors and finishes.  Add in features such as soy-based ink for a greener finish. Soy inks take longer to dry but they release very few volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.  If you are using a commercial printer ask them about a soy or vegetable ink – many of them do now offer this option.

Now for the quirky part!  Your recycled paper invitations can be plantable. These are papers that contain a variety of wild flower seeds and you can literally just pop them into the soil so that they can grow a more permanent and eco-friendly reminder of your big day.  These come in various shapes and sizes and with a number of companies producing these you are sure to find one near you to help to keep environmental damage to a minimum.

Why not avoid paper altogether?  The advent of the internet means that it is so easy now to create a website and it doesn’t even have to cost you anything.  You can be as ornate as you like in the design of your site and all you have to do is send a link to all the people that you want to attend your wedding.  It can be a one-stop shop for info on your big day.  Put on details of bachelor and bachelorette parties, registry info, the bridal shower and any other information that you want your guests to know.

Wedding invitations are never quirkier than when you have made your own.  This is a great way of making sure that they are unique to you.  Recycled paper and other materials are readily available and you can choose your own design and style.  Have a bit of a practice with a calligraphy pen before you start and they will look very stylish.  Use things like stamps to add images and color – it will take a bit of time but plan ahead and it will be easy to slot into your schedule.

When you send out your invitations make sure you put your email address on them – this will cut down on paper RSVPs and help to keep the carbon footprint of return mail down too!