Wedding Transport the Eco-Friendly Way

weddingtransportOne of the easiest ways to cut the carbon footprint of your wedding is to take a closer look at transportation on the day of.  There are a number of ways that you can cut this back without expecting the wedding party and all the guests to ditch four wheels all together and make it to the venue on two feet!

Depending upon the region that you live in there are several different unusual options that you might want to consider to give your wedding a unique flavor that will not have the damaging impact on the environment that you might be worried about.

What about an eco-chariot or rickshaw?  These are very distinctive forms of transport and are sure to get all your guests talking.  Perhaps better for a wedding in a quieter town (no battles with heavy traffic!), these will have almost no impact on the environment.

There are a number of environmentally friendly cars that you could consider.  Hybrid vehicles have a much lower carbon footprint than standard cars and as many people are now looking at this particular aspect of their wedding, there are wedding car providers that are including the eco-friendly hybrids as part of their fleet.  However, there are also some regular limos that have been modified to use a more environmentally friendly fuel.  Be sure to ask the providers when you call what they do to protect the environment.  There may be a service that uses regular cars but has a system in place to offset their carbon footprint.

Carpooling is one of those options that needs careful coordinating.  How many people will be driving to your wedding with one or more spare seats in the car?  How many people will be going to the wedding by themselves?  Arrange for carpooling so that the number of cars in use on the day is reduced and it is also a great way for you to introduce some of your guests to each other before the wedding.

Public transport might seem like one of those impractical options but it is actually catching on as a choice for wedding transportation, particularly if budget is a consideration.  It might not be practical if you are having a large wedding and need to get 200 people from one place to another and you need to be sure in advance that it will get you there on time, but it is worth considering for its eco-friendly credentials.

Another form of wedding transport that does not require an internal combustion engine is the horse-drawn carriage.  You really cannot get more traditional than this and the carbon footprint of this form of transport has to be one of the lowest around.  This has a far more romantic feel to it than any of the other forms of transport, but it is one that is mainly for the bride and bridesmaids on the way to the church and the bride and groom on the way back.  Arranging this for all guests could be a little trickier!

Your Wedding: Eco-friendly and Traditional at the Same Time

So you want your big day to be environmentally-friendly?  That means tradition is out of the window, right? Actually, no.  You can still have the wedding of your dreams without it leaving irreparable damage on the environment.


Many traditional-style venues are now working towards becoming more eco-friendly.  They are adding solar panels to the roofs for electricity, deal with local suppliers and offer a range of eco-friendly options.  Fortunately you can still hold your wedding in a traditional venue and not notice any difference in the level or types of services that are available.


Eco-friendly wedding outfits are becoming more accessible than ever.  Vintage dresses are a big trend at the moment and are far more eco-friendly than the latest designer number.  Consider where the dress has come from and if possible find one locally to cut down on the environmental impact.  There is also nothing more traditional than a vintage dress or outfit.


The main issue with finding a caterer is to keep it local.  If you hire a caterer that is generally based 100 miles away simply because they are popular then you are not thinking eco-friendly.  There are wedding caterers in all areas so ask around for a recommendation and talk to them about the suppliers they use.  It is counter productive to hire somebody that is based locally if they obtain all of their produce from hundreds of miles away.  They should still be able to produce the menu that you want.


Okay, this is the easy one.  Avoid mass produced items such as wedding invitations and wedding programs.  Find a local person who can make these for you by using recycled paper and other items.  These will be so personal to you and will not compromise your eco-friendly dreams.  They will also be far more traditional than anything you could purchase in a store.


This is one of the heaviest environmental burdens on anyone’s wedding day.  Traditional wedding cars are not known for their eco-friendly credentials as they can have a heavy fuel consumption and heavy emissions.  Why not look a little further back for traditional transport?  Consider a horse and carriage.  This is probably the most eco-friendly option but it is not always going to be the most practical.  If this is the case then opt for a more modern car.  Some wedding transport providers now have the new generation of hybrid cars at their disposal and this can help to make this aspect of the day a little bit greener.

The trick is to consider which traditions you want to be a part of your day and find a way to include them without losing any of the day’s eco-friendly features.  Luckily, there are more options for greener weddings these days so getting what you want with little compromise should be easy.