Organic Suggestions for the Wedding Breakfast

If you want an organic feast for your wedding breakfast then you will need to make sure that you discuss your requirements with your caterer well in advance.  It may be that you have chosen a caterer on the basis of their environmentally friendly credentials but while they could opt for local produce as their standard fare, it could take a little time for them to source specific ingredients if you want only organic.

In addition, you may need to adjust your requirements slightly.  Local and organic fare will mean using seasonal ingredients and this might not tie in with the menu that you had in mind.  The good news is that the caterer works for you and you will not be stuck with their set menu as they should be striving to produce exactly what you want.

Organic fruits and vegetables are very popular but it is important to get them in season.  Out of season veggies may be organic as they are grown without the use of harmful pesticides but they are grown in greenhouses and forced and those who are used to eating them in season will be able to tell that the taste is not the same.  Opt for a fruit starter such as melon.  While this is a common choice it is popular because it is a light option and will not fill up the guests before they reach their main course.

Organic for a main course does not necessarily mean vegetarian.  Most people who want to be completely environmentally friendly will avoid meat but this may not apply to you.  Organic chicken, beef or fish are good alternatives if you need to provide for meat eaters and they can be used to create a variety of dishes.  Serve with a range of organic vegetables.  However, you probably will need to have a vegetarian option.  Vegetable crepes or a roasted vegetable crumble can make a good alternative and these are easy to make from organic ingredients.

Choc_FondantThere are also plenty of options when it comes to organic desserts.  You could keep it simple and serve local organic ice cream, or you could go for a more elaborate creation such as an organic cheesecake or an upside down cake.  Organic chocolate is something that once tried, is never forgotten so why not make sure that your guests get to taste it on your big day?  Chocolate fondant is a great dessert at any time and there are few people who do not like it.

Don’t forget to ask about an organic wedding cake.  This is something that is becoming more common these days so most caterers will not be phased by this request.  Cupcakes are an alternative and again, it should not be a problem getting an organic version.

As with any other aspect of the big day, make sure you shop around.  Some caterers will want to add a premium onto the bill for producing an organic menu, but with some using organic as standard, you should easily be able to find a caterer that will not break the bank.