Green Wedding Trends for 2017

As you plan your 2017 wedding you may already have definite plans in mind for theme and how your big day can stay on the right side of eco-friendly. However, there are those who might just want a few hints and tips on what to expect in 2017 for the latest wedding trends and how to stay as green as possible.

Vintage style

The trend for vintage-style weddings has been around for a while and the good news is that this trend shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. Next year vintage style will ooze glamour, so if you want to stay fashionable make it big and bold.  If you opt for true vintage rather than reproduction you will be helping to keep your carbon footprint low.

Location with a twist

The choice of venue is very important if you want your wedding to be an event that your guests never forget and the trend for 2017 is to find a place with a beautiful outdoor setting or a very unique building.  Outdoor weddings can also help you to stay green as you will be making use of natural light, saving on energy consumption.

Get crafty!

One of the trends for the coming year is handcrafted invitations and calligraphy.  This is something that you can easily learn to do yourself and you can then make sure that the materials you use are recycled or at the very least recyclable. In fact, many wedding planners are encouraging couples to incorporate paper into the decorations and theme of the wedding, so paper flowers, for example, could be just one feature to consider.  It is low-cost and eco-friendly, so why not?

Local flavor

Look to your local area to find the flavors and trends for your wedding.  For example, couples in Vermont could be opting for maple syrup flavoring in some of the dishes for their menu, or for weddings in Utah you could feature buffalo on the menu. Staying local for your supplies is one of the easiest ways to stay eco-friendly.

Traditional cake

Recent trends for displays of cupcakes rather than traditional cakes are on the wane a little and now it seems that the traditional, tall, tiered cake is making its way back into fashion. Couples like the traditional style of the tall cake and it is great for making a feature out of your dessert table.  The cake often follows the color scheme of the wedding so consider this when planning how your cake is going to be decorated. Having it made locally will help you to stay as eco-friendly as possible.

These are just a few of the trends that you could consider when planning your 2017 wedding, although there are plenty of others too. Why not talk to a local wedding planner and find out which trends are proving to be most popular in your area?

Your Green Wedding – How a Car Pool Can Help!

For any event, but particularly a wedding, travel to and from the venue can be responsible for seriously increasing your carbon footprint.  Everyone tends to travel in their own cars unless the wedding is a long distance from home, but car travel can be very damaging for the environment. So what is the solution?  A car pool!

Organizing a car pool

This is going to seem like a mammoth task but there are a few things that you can do to make it go smoothly. First of all you need to ask people how they are going to get to and from the wedding. You could send out a mass email or just ask people to note it on their RSVP when they get their invitation.  The next step is a little boring but it will help! Create a spreadsheet with all list of guests on it and note where they live and if they are planning to drive or not.

This spreadsheet will help you to work out if there are guests that live close enough together to share a vehicle.  You will also need to know if the guests are planning to stay overnight at the wedding location – some will prefer to return to their own home and this will affect the way that you match people up.

Talk to everyone first before you go making arrangements for them.  Some will be happy to car pool and some will not.  Explain to everyone why you are doing it – some will want to help you to reduce your wedding day’s impact on the environment but there will also be people who do not understand why it is important.  How much time you want to spend convincing them is up to you!

Car pool benefits

The reduction in fuel usage will be important for the environment but remember that it will also save your guests some money.  The cost of gas can be split between everyone in the car, which would be much more if they had all arrived in individual cars. It also means that some of your guests can get to know each other before they arrive at the wedding, so you will have far fewer of those guests that do not know anyone and find it hard to talk to strangers. And there are also fewer parking issues – there are so many venues that only seem to have enough parking facilities for half the number of guests that you have invited!

Alternatives to car pools include hiring coaches to ferry guests from the church to the reception and then back to hotels or even home.  When planning your wedding, consider not only the travelling that you are going to be doing but that of your guests too – the environmental impact soon adds up but with a little (or a lot) of careful planning, you can change that.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning

eco friendly weddingThose who want to live a greener lifestyle may pay a lot of attention to the finer details of their big day, ensuring that it is as green as possible. However, you might want to consider how to make your planning process greener too. It might sound strange but everything we do has an impact on our planet in one way or another. Remember that there is a lot of moving about to do when you are planning a wedding and this will add to your carbon footprint, so why not try a couple of these tips to keep it to a minimum?

At-home research

 The internet is a great way for you to limit the damage you are doing to the planet because you can use it to find out more about things like venues and suppliers. You can take a look at the websites for the various places and suppliers that you are interested in and then create a shortlist that way. It could be that you need to know if a specific hotel has certain facilities available and their website should be able to tell you that. You will only need to arrange a visit if you are sure that you want to consider it for your wedding. It is great to visit places but it is also a very easy way to increase your carbon footprint.

Careful visits

 When you do want to arrange visits prior to the wedding, try to visit venues that are close to each other around the same time. For example if you want to visit a couple of venues that are 10 miles away from your home, try to visit them on the same morning or afternoon in order to limit the amount of travelling that you are doing.

The same thing applies to meetings with suppliers. If you are planning an eco-friendly wedding the chances are you are using local suppliers for your big day anyway but it can still help to make the planning process greener if you meet with them all around the same time and in the same area.

Are your suppliers green?

 You should be able to answer this question from the initial stage of your research. If you take a look at your supplier’s website it should say if they have been working sustainably or not, or tell you what your eco-friendly options are. If there is no information on this then make a phone call and ask the question. Don’t wait until you have travelled to meet the supplier to ask because that could just be a wasted journey if they are not able to meet your criteria. Those who do work to eco-friendly standards are usually very proud of this and will post it on their website for all to see!

Starting the planning process for your wedding is a very exciting time and it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement but if you want to have the greenest wedding that you can then a little bit of research will help you in the early stages.

Money Saving Tips for the Eco-Friendly Wedding

It is good to be greener in your outlook and want to have an eco-friendly wedding, but there are some eco-friendly options that will end up putting a hefty dent in your bank balance.  Here are just a few ways that you can keep the cost down without compromising your greener beliefs.

Avoid paper!

If you want to send paper invitations then there are many eco-friendly ways to do it, but you can save a lot of money by avoiding paper altogether.  Why not consider sending email invitations?  You can create an e-card – and there are many sites out there that can help you with this – and send that instead.  In many cases these are free to use, but there are a few sites where you pay a nominal fee.  You can even set up a free website through which to send your invites – all you need is a little creativity!

Wedding outfits

Anyone who has gone shopping for a wedding dress recently will know that they can cost thousands.  However, you can save by purchasing a second hand dress or by renting one just for the day.  After all, while your wedding dress is something special you are only going to wear it once so what is the point of spending a lot of money?  Renting and buying second hand are also options that are going to have far less of an impact on the environment than buying new.  On the other hand, ask around in the family.  Mothers, aunts and even grandmothers may still have their wedding dress tucked away and most will be only too happy to let you wear it as well.


Flowers for your wedding can also be quite costly but you can remain green and save (a lot!) of money by growing your own flowers.  This will take some planning and you will have to be getting ready for this months in advance to make sure that you have the right flowers.  If you don’t already have things like rose bushes in your garden talk to friends, family and neighbors.  Find out what they grow and what they are prepared to let you have for your wedding.  You might have to be a little flexible by doing things this way.  There is no guarantee that the next door neighbor’s rose bushes are going to produce the right amount of roses, for example, so you might have to get a little creative here too!


Hiring a photographer is expensive but you can save money by asking a friend or family member to take photographs for you on the day.  Make sure that you opt for a digital camera so that there are no processing costs or chemicals involved and you can easily make copies of these and send them out to friends and family.

There are plenty of other ways that you can save money on the day.  Think about ways to organize the catering so that you are not paying out too much money and consider the venue for the event too – every little aspect of the day costs but you can keep everything to a minimum with some forward planning.

classic ecoura ringEngagement Rings

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Planning Your Environmentally-Friendly Wedding

ecoweddingIf you want to make sure that your wedding is as eco-friendly as possible then you need to be organized from day one!  You might not be the sort of person who likes living their life through lists but this could be the best way forward.

Step one is to create a few checklists.  First of all make a checklist of your ideal wedding and everything you want for that day.  You probably have a strong idea of your ideal day in your head and you need to list everything out so you can work through each item one by one.  The list will include everything from your dress to the party favors. When you create your original list you will probably find it hard to believe that everything on there could be eco-friendly but it will only take a little research for you to realize that it can be.

Your next checklist will be a chronological one – what needs to be done and when.  Your research will help you to determine how this should be ordered.

You will have to do a little research to find everything that you need for the wedding.  You might want a vintage dress and shoes which are far greener than new ones, but where do you find these in your local area?  Allow time to do a little searching – start online then visit a few places in person, but make sure that these are fairly local otherwise you will just be adding to your carbon footprint instead of keeping it down!

One of the ways in which you can have a greener wedding is to carry out certain tasks yourself.  You can make your own wedding invitations and other stationery, your own wedding cake and even your own dress if you are feeling particularly creative.  All of this is far more eco-friendly than purchasing from suppliers, even those that are based locally.  However, it is also far more time consuming than having it all done for you so you have to factor this into your planning.

An important thing is to plan as far ahead as you can to allow all of your suppliers to meet your requirements.  Your catering company, for example, may be very happy to put together an eco-friendly menu but this may involve them dealing with different suppliers than usual so may need more time for planning.  Talk to them as soon as you can so that they can tell you exactly when you will need to confirm your plans.

An alternative to doing your own planning is to hire the services of an eco-friendly wedding planner.  They will have all the contacts that you need to make all aspects of your day green, so instead of you traipsing around to find your vintage gown and accessories, they should be able to point you in the right direction.