Eco-friendly Countries – Choose a Honeymoon Destination!

If you’re determined that you want your honeymoon destination to be as eco-friendly as possible then it makes sense to look at the entire country, rather than just the individual hotel or resort you are going to be staying in. The more that a country does to be environmentally friendly the more likely it is that your accommodation will be green too. Recent research has listed some of the most eco-friendly destinations so why not consider these when planning your honeymoon?


Finland has topped the chart of the most eco-friendly countries. The government there has committed to becoming a carbon-neutral society and at present almost two-thirds of the electricity produced in Finland comes from either nuclear power or renewable sources.  While Iceland is in second place in the list, it is closely followed by Sweden and Denmark who are following their neighbor’s lead in green initiatives. Consider a trip to Finland’s capital city of Helsinki where there are plenty of cultural attractions, or head to Iceland for the opportunity to spend a romantic evening watching the Northern Lights.


After Scandinavia dominated the top half of the list, it is no surprise to find that other European nations make up the rest of the top 10. In 5th place is Slovenia, followed by Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Malta and France, showing that European nations are taking positive steps to do more to protect the environment. Head to Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, where you can spend time wandering along the cobbled streets and visiting some of the historic attractions. In the winter months you can enjoy a skiing honeymoon here if you love winter sports.

The rest of the World

New Zealand and Australia feature highly on the list. Waiheke Island in New Zealand is a popular choice for honeymooners thanks to the scenic beaches and the tranquil vineyards but the cities such as Auckland are also a great choice because of their lively social scene. Australia now has a number of eco-friendly projects and alternative energy projects such as solar power can be seen all over the country. For a honeymoon choose one of the eco-friendly rainforest lodges or try a luxury train journey from one side of the country to the other.    

Having an eco-friendly honeymoon is actually much easier if you look at the country as a whole, instead of just your accommodation. Countries are putting in place large-scale eco-friendly projects designed to reduce energy consumption, create more greener energy and to gradually reverse the damage that is being done to the planet. And most of them have beautiful towns, cities, beaches and countryside that also make them a great place for you to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon. With so many eco-friendly destinations to choose from, finding the green honeymoon that you want will not be difficult.

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